Following Halfbrick's highly successful Fruit Ninja, at least 90 percent of mobile games with the word 'Ninja' in their titles are basically the same as Fruit Ninja.

And here's another one. Farm Ninja is a Fruit Ninja-esque vegetable slasher set to the backdrop of a farmyard.

Working exactly as you'd expect, Farm Ninja requires you to slice up a whole variety of veg and an occasional apple to accumulate points. Miss a piece of fruit and you lose one of your three lives. The same happens if you slice through a mushroom – essentially Farm Ninja's bombs.

Each flung foodstuff is worth a different amount, indicated by a number next to it as it flies through the air. Slice it properly with a press of the corresponding key and you'll bag the points.

But this is where Farm Ninja's accessibility is compromised. It's almost impossible to slice anything if you don't have a touchscreen phone for Java games.

Button-presses aren't recognised very quickly at all, and working out which button you need to press to slice in the right section is more of a challenge than anything Farm Ninja could – literally – throw at you.

Still, when you do get it to work for you, it's good fun and one of the better Java clones on the market.