Kami is a gorgeous puzzler from State of Play, the people behind the charming, but brief, Bronze Award-winning point-and-click adventure Lume.

State of Play's new game is all about changing the colour of folded pieces of paper and turning the screen into a block of one colour in a set number of moves.

You select a colour, then tap on a corner of paper. All the connected squares flip over to the same colour with a pleasant rustle.

Things start off pretty simply, but soon you'll be scratching your head until it's raw and bloody as you try to figure out how to complete a level.

Kami looks great, and there's a decent chunk of puzzling content here. Well, enough to keep even the most logically minded person busy for a good long while, anyway.

The game is available on the App Store right now for just 69p / 99c. For that outlay, you get 36 puzzles and a soothing Japanese soundtrack.

Plus, some of the best paper sound effects you're going to hear all year.

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