Stop what you're doing! Except reading this! Keep reading this!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS now has asynchronous multiplayer.

In a fresh update to Firaxis and 2K Games's Gold Award-winning turn-based strategy title, there is a multiplayer mode. Here, you can duke it out against your friends in tough one-on-one skirmishes.

You can challenge friends through Game Centre, working your way up the leaderboards to prove to the world that your custom team of human and alien soldiers is the best that there is.

Or if you're anything like I am, you will lose all of your games and cry about how rubbish you are at games.

To add some delicious icing to the already-moist and tempting strategy cake, Firaxis and 2K have slashed the price of XCOM: Enemy Unknown in half.

That means that you can now grab this awesome sci-fi tactics game at the low, low price of £6.99 / $9.99.

Oh, and XCOM: Enemy Unknown is now optimised for iOS 7, too. Hurrah.

Okay, you can start doing things again. Although might I suggest the first thing you do is pop along to the App Store and buy one of the best games of the year at a ridiculously low price.

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