In a couple of months' time when winter has finally closed in and the Pocket Gamer powers that be are badgering me to send them nominations for my Game of the Year, iOS gem Blackbar is going to be the first on the list.

And now Android gamers can finally get their hands on this interactive tale of censorship, expression, and the power of language.

In this game, developer Neven Mrgan tells the tale of a pair of friends, separated by circumstance and the totalitarian regime that holds sway over them both.

You're presented with censored communications, and essentially need to fill in the blanks to complete the message.

It's not the most challenging of games, sure, and there's very little replay value. But for the sheer impact of the storytelling and the heavy questions posed here, it's more than worth the entry price.

At review, we called the game "a moving and sometimes painful experience". We then added that "Blackbar deserves to be played by as many people as possible".

So, why not head on over to the Google Play Store right now and pick up one of - if not the - most intriguing smartphone and tablet games of the year for £1.86 [buy].

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