I know the Bronze Award-winning puzzler Wordament as "that game my old house mate played all the time". He wasn't the only one, actually: I got dragged into it for a couple of months.

Wordament is a ludicrously simple game, in which you try to make as many words as possible, out of a bunch of letters. You've got two minutes, and an opponent competing against you with the same grid of letters.

It sounds a bit dull, but there's something about it that doesn't let go.

Or maybe it's just a bit exciting as it was the game that first brought Xbox Live Achievements to iOS, and now brings those life-ruining little awards to Android.

That means the Android version of Wordament also runs on Xbox Live, so you can compete against opponents on iOS and Windows Phone, as well as Android.

Wordament is currently free on Google Play [download], and should run on anything with Ice Cream Sandwich upwards. Give it a shot, but don't blame me if it starts taking over your life.