The Night Squids have taken over the world. You're trapped inside a deserted tower block. And now your friend has disappeared and you're probably going to end up dead.

Things are looking a bit, well, rubbish.

That's the setup for The Night Squid Apocalypse, a new text-based adventure for iPhone and iPad from Gvoid.

In the game, you are confronted with a series of choices that push the story along.

You'll meet other survivors, and interact with them in a variety of different ways.

There are 40 different endings to the game, and hundreds of different ways to get to each of them.

Throw in some random environmental elements, and you're left with an interesting adventure with plenty of replay value.

The Night Squid Apocalypse is available on the App Store right now for just 69p / 99c. So, if you're in the mood for some reading and you like the idea of trying to survive in a world where giant squid float around in the air, then check it out.