Updated on October 10th, at 12:30: All you Google gamers out there will be delighted to read that Empire is now available on the Google Play Store, too.

It'll set you back £2.25 if you fancy picking it up. And if you're a fan of strategy, cards, and deck building, then you probably should.

Original story follows...

Keith Burgun is a busy man.

He's already designed one Silver Award-winning dungeon-crawler (100 Rogues) with Dinofarm Games.
Now, he's working on another (Auro) with the same team.

But he's taken time out of that busy schedule of randomly generated subterranean lairs to create Empire, a deck-building 4X strategy title that's available on the App Store right now.

In Empire, you take control of a people on the verge of destruction. The world is running out of resources and is being consumed by a terrifying blight of monsters.

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You need to gather in the scant resources, explore the world to find new places to build, and take the monsters head-on with your burgeoning army.

Battles take place on a grid. You have a hand of cards that you can play to turn the tide of the scrap in your favour.

With Empire, Burgun and co. strip back the 4X genre to its fundamental parts, add a few twists of their own, and then chuck in some deck-building strategy for fun.

If you're looking for something with a tactical bent that's not super-heavy, you could do a lot worse than heading over to the App Store and picking this up for £1.99 / $2.99.