Imagine being stuck with the clumsiest of your mates, and conjoined by a cable at all times. A nightmare for you, perhaps, but a hilarious sight for anyone watching.

Fortunately, in Rock Pocket Games's Shiftlings, you play the role of an onlooker as two daft space janitors find themselves in that exact situation just described.

Being idiotic, these janitors broke their ship and crash landed on a planet. In the process, they managed to reduce the air supply to a dangerously low quantity.

This means that as they look for parts to repair their ship by traversing the surface of the planet they're stuck on, they have an air cable running between them at all times.

Controlling both of them in single player, or one each in co-op, you transfer the air between the two janitors to blow one of them up into a huge gaseous ball.

The sight alone is enough of a giggle, but you should see them wobbling across the screen - it;s hilarious.

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The larger janitor is able to push heavy objects, shift the weight of see-saws, and can be used as a bouncy trampoline by the lighter one.

Using varying abilities of each janitor, and shifting the air between them both when needed, you attempt to get them across each of the levels. The solutions require enough thought to keep your attention, and the slapstick comedy throughout entertains just as well.

Shiftlings will be bringing its amusing concept to iOS, Android, and Ouya in the future. We can't wait to check out what else Rock Pocket have planned for these two stupid characters.