Updated on October 3rd, at 09:15: Dead Man's Draw is now available on App Stores across the globe.

So, if you fancy some pirate-themed card shenanigans, you can grab it now for iPad and iPhone for £1.49 / $1.99 [buy].

Original story follows...

Stardock Entertainment is perhaps best known for its Sins of a Solar Empire series, but the developer is branching out with a new mobile division, Stardock Mobile, promising three new titles in the coming months.

The first of these, Dead Man's Draw, is a piratical card game in which Stardock Mobile mixes the push-your-luck mechanics of 21 with the rum-swilling backstabbing of a life on the high seas.

Dead Man's Draw is already out in beta form in Australia and New Zealand, although it's not scheduled for release in the rest of the world until later in the month.

As you might have guessed from its title, the game is all about drawing cards. There are ten suits, each containing seven cards.

You can draw as many cards as you like. But if you draw two from the same suit, your turn ends and you lose everything.

There are different special powers on some of the cards, and your opponents have different abilities that can scupper your attempts to grab the most gold.

As well as a hefty single-player campaign with more than 40 different tournaments, there's pass-and-play multiplayer to sink your rotten pirate-y teeth into.

We'll keep you posted about when Dead Man's Draw surfaces on App Stores around the rest of the world.

And we'll do our best to dig up some more info on the other games Stardock has announced, Hero Busters and Star Trails.

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