An antique ambulance is not your typical place to see an game. And surgical scrubs are not the typical attire for a press demo.

But UK-based developer Bossa Studios is not a typical developer. It is best known, after all, for madcap medical game Surgeon Simulator 2013, which has you cracking open ribs with a hammer and performing brain surgeries in outer space.

Now, the team is hoping to bring the viral hit to touch devices, and showed us a prototype of Surgeon Simulator running on iPad.

On PC, the game is controlled with a crazy system where you use different keys to flex individual fingers of a hovering hand. Now, Bossa is trying to find a control system that works on the touchscreen - and it thinks it might have cracked it.

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"If you'd asked me last month if we were bringing Surgery Simulator to touch, I'd have said 'no way'," says Surgeon Simulator developer Tom Jackson. But a new system, where you move the camera with two fingers, or pick up items with one pinky and spin them a second, just about works.

In some areas, like when you're wielding a scalpel, the touch controls are apparently more precise than a mouse.

But it mostly emulates the PC version's clumsy, fumbling, butter-fingers fun as vital bits of equipment topple into your patient's chest cavity and medical utensils do more harm than good.

Plus, Bossa would like to add more touch-friendly features like buttons and drawers, giving the game a The Room-like tactility.

Right now, the game is not officially confirmed for touch devices. But, Bossa told Pocket Gamer that if there's enough demand for a touch version of Surgeon Simulator, you might just see this barmy, cult-classic doctor sim end up on the App Store.