Molluscs are perceived by humans as being ugly, gross little things. Particularly slugs and snails. But would you just look at Snailboy for a second?

A snail doesn't have the right to be so darn cute.

The game that takes his name could also be described as "cute". It's a platformer, but one that makes good use of intuitive touch controls with swipes and taps. Virtual controls be damned.

There's 45 levels, and for every 5 you complete, one of Snailboy's stolen shells will be returned to him.

Getting through the levels is easy enough, but there are slime bubbles to collect, and a timer to beat if you want to get your three stars.

Traversing the levels involves flinging Snailboy into the air with an elastic band-like control, just as in Angry Birds. If you fling him into a mossy surface, he'll slide down until you tap, at which point he'll stick to it, and then you can fling him again.

You can also slap him on the back to move across the ground a little.

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Snailboy is a pleasant game with some pretty great graphics, as you might be able to see. They're clear, colourful, and easy on the eyes. The sounds of Snailboy falling and landing from a height are also worth a smile.

Check out Snailboy on the App Store [buy], where it's available to purchase for £1.49 / $1.99.