Sit up, armchair generals. If you're an Android gamer then it's time to acknowledge your calling. The Silver Award-winning Kingdom Rush: Frontiers has charged on to Google Play.

As we said in our review of the iOS version, "Kingdom Rush: Frontiers continues the legacy of its predecessor without really containing anything new."

If that sounds negative, it needn't be taken that way. It just means that this stylish fantasy tower defense game doesn't really do anything more than what the original did.

So, consider it a stand-alone expansion, if that makes it any easier to swallow.

New exotic lands await you in Frontiers. Dragons, man-eating plants, and those that dwell in the underworld will come to challenge your defensive abilities.

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Despite what was said above, there are plenty of new levels, towers to defend, and heroes to meet. Don't expect them to mess with the formula much, though.

If you're a fan of the original, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is available for your furious fingers over on Google Play [buy] at £1.91.

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