It's been nearly a year since we last had the opportunity to report anything new about Subset Games's FTL: Faster Than Light for mobile.

Our patience has been rewarded, though, for the game's developer has just issued some exciting news regarding its roguelike-like spaceship sim.

The last thing we heard from Justin Ma of Subset Games on FTL was that he'd "like to get it onto tablets at some point in the future".

Tell You Nothing

In a recent AMA on Reddit, however, Subset revealed that it's currently working on a tablet version of FTL.

Unfortunately, the studio failed to mention an estimated release window for the iOS conversion... or any other information, for that matter.

"We are working on a tablet version and are pretty optimistic about it working out" is about all Subset said on the matter.

So, it does sound like FTL will definitely be heading to tablets. We just don't know precisely when. We'll keep you updated on this subject, of course.

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