Android players: rejoice!

That's because you can finally download the feudal China-based Silver Award-winning strategy game Autumn Dynasty on your devices.

About time, too.

Your grand task in Touch Dimension's RTS is to save the Autumn Empire from civil war. As a commander, you'll guide a small army against the uprising enemy.

Sounds challenging, doesn't it? It is. This RTS is best suited to genre fans who know their way around more than a few battle formations.

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Training units, constructing buildings, and researching upgrades will keep you busy during the quieter moments.

The battles themselves, meanwhile, are intense but easy-to-manage affairs. You simply paint your commands across the maps.

In our review of the iPad version of Autumn Dynasty back in May 2012, we said: "It's beautifully designed, gorgeous to play, and comes with a ton of content."

There aren't any IAPs here, so that £3.11 on Google Play will be the only payment you make. Honest.

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