GameStar has a very strange history.

At one point, Square Enix was in the running to publish it. Furthermore, a huge number of students were working in their spare time to create the game collaboratively.

That ended up falling through, though. Afterwards, many of the team disbanded. A few, however, stayed on and continued working on the game.

Tough enough

Now, GameStar is up on Indiegogo, and its maker, Yuan Works, is hoping to raise $60,000.

"What if someone from, say, Halo was thrown into the Mushroom Kingdom? How would he survive? What would he learn there? What would he find?" the pitch reads.

GameStar is an RPG in which you play a tough character from a warring 3D game world. This tough-as-nails bod ends up falling into a cutesy 2D game where guns are replaced by sorcery.

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Yuan Works is obviously trying to mimic the look of older games via the 2D world of GameStar, with the modern-day out-of-place full 3D character offering an interesting juxtaposition of realms and times.

Details are scarce outside of that, but GameStar is defintely a well-presented and unique concept.

Yuan Works will release GameStar on Android, iOS, and Ouya if its funding goal is met. You know what to do next.