Ooh arr, ooh arr. Giants Software has stopped spreading the muck for a minute to, instead, spread the word about Farming Simulator 14.

The good news is that it's coming to iOS and Android as soon as this coming November.

PG editor Mark will be thrilled. Don't tell anyone, but Farming Simulator 2012 is one of Mark's guilty pleasures. No more is this evident than his ridiculously detailed guide.

Sowing seeds with your tractor, growing crops, and harvesting your yield with your combine harvester. That's what Farming Simulator has always been about, so don't expect that to change in this latest version.

There's no details as to what's been added and what's been changed in Farming Simulator 14, so expect those details closer to release.

Look out for this one if you're a loud and proud digital farmer. And if it's your guilty pleasure, as with Mark, you can tell us, and we promise to not share your secret with the world. Promise.