Some days, you just want to help a cheeky-looking monkey get his stolen bananas back from a bunch of thieving crabs who nabbed the fruit while he was asleep.

Which is lucky, because that's exactly what you can do in Ookibloks.

It's a painfully cute puzzle game with a soundtrack that's akin to audio sunshine and an interesting central mechanic consisting of platforming, block-sliding, and clever puzzling elements.

Monkey see

You play as an aggrieved monkey who's travelling through a bizarre cartoon world made up of blocks. Some of these blocks contain stolen bananas. You have to bounce on these blocks to retrieve the bananas.

You move your monkey by sliding a finger on the screen. He'll spring away in that direction, and won't stop until he hits another block. The bananas are scattered around the level, and you'll need to think carefully about how to grab them.

The quicker you grab the bananas, the more points you'll earn, with a combo counter ticking up if you grab multiple bananas in a short enough space of time. There are beasts patrolling the levels, mind, and you can knock them out by dropping fruit on them.

Once a monster is stunned, you can fling your monkey at it to knock it out of the picture entirely. You can get a bonus for finishing the level without killing any creatures, though. Boss battles take place at the end of each chunk of levels, and mix things up a little.

Monkey do

You can grab power-ups to help you through tougher levels. If you take too long working out the best way through, however, a demonic cat will turn up and kill you.

Be warned: if you run out of lives in the middle of a chunk of levels, you will be kicked back to the start of them unless you spend some cash on coins. That's free-to-play for you, folks.

There's a lot of fun to be had in Ookibloks, and it's hard not to play the game with a smile on your face. It won't go down in iOS history, sure, but if you're looking for an engaging little diversion, you could do a lot worse than picking this up.