Creative Mobile has just announced a shiny new MMO drag racing game in the vein of CSR Racing.

It's called Nitro Nation, and it's in beta on the Google Play Store right now.

The game is all about driving real cars very fast. Oh, and showing the rest of the world that you're the best at doing it.

The cars themselves are very shiny. Like, they have an almost otherworldly shine, as though polished by the buffing cloth of the universe itself.

Nitro Nation is being developed by the same team that brought you Drag Racing, which we reviewed a long time ago on the Xperia Play. It got a 6/10 - probably because the cars weren't shiny enough.

You can customise your cars in Nitro Nation by painting roaring dragons on the side. Just in case you thought the original gaudy yellow was too subtle.

The full version of the game will be available in October. Until then, you can try and get signed up for the beta version by downloading Nitro Nation from the Google Play Store.

Just remember to wear sunglasses. Otherwise, you might be blinded by car shine. And, well, no one wants to have to explain that to the doctor.