Oh me, oh my, hold onto your helms, people. That's because Chair and Epic have just released Infinity Blade III on the App Store.

Apparently, it's an "epic conclusion" to the Infinity Blade trilogy. Which suggests someone somewhere at Chair HQ thinks we care more about the bland-as-pots narrative than stabbing giant dragons in the neck.

This time around, though, there's a level structure, even more areas to wander through, new weapons to buy, and plenty of new beasts for you to slice into chunks with a few swipes of your fingers.

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As you might imagine, there are plenty of knowing references and nods to the first two games in this third Infinity Blade instalment, including a midnight raid on the castle from Infinity Blade II.

With two playable characters and a setting that's miles bigger than the winding corridors of the second game, Infinity Blade III contains a lot more to see and kill.

We're not 100 percent sold on some of the new ideas in the game, mind, and you can find out why by reading our Infinity Blade III review. We gave it a Bronze Award, though, which isn't too shabby.

Infinity Blade III is available on the App Store right now. It'll set you back £4.99 / $6.99.

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