Even the most perfectly crafted song will languish at the bottom of a sales chart if it's not released with the right elements.

Guitars, drums, and keyboards are all played out - if you really want your song to get noticed, you'll need to mix in some soaring vocals, gallons of energy drinks, and... a swimming pool.

At least that's what we can gather from the trailer for Band Stars, an upcoming music management game that challenges you to form a band and climb the charts by recording hit songs.

Mix it up

Most of the action in Band Stars takes place in the studio where you'll assign instruments to your individual band members and then trust in a professional mixer to make the magic happen.

If you don't assign the instruments correctly, however, you might be in for an audio atrocity as vocalists traditionally don't do so well behind a drum set (Phil Collins, Meg White, and rare others notwithstanding).

Should you match up the song genre, lyrics, and instruments perfectly, however, your hit single might just get your band noticed or shoot up to international fame.

Those looking to try their hand at crafting the next big thing won't have to wait long for Band Stars to make its way to the App Store. Developer Six Foot Kid says it should be out by the end of 2013 , and notes that it's already available in Canada and Australia.

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