Words can't truly express the awe that is created when gazing upon the sparkly pixels of Hyper Light Drifter.

Alex Preston, creator of the 2D action-RPG, , says that it's intended as a combination of A Link To The Past and Diablo, evolved.

It will be an epic-in-scale adventure that's as intimidating as it is beautiful.

Promises of the gameplay involve getting lost in giant forests, struggles to ascend floating structures, and excavating crumbling ruins, while beating back droves of enemies. Most notably, there will be "behemoths both flesh and mechanical to overcome."

The combat system mixes both strange and familiar weapons, such as rifles and rolling remote bombs. And you an avoid damage with a temporary Hard Light Diamond shield.

There's a dash module too, which arms you with evasive dashes, but can also be used to traverse gaps and stun enemies. They're effective tools, but the enemies are numerous and vicious.

Hyper Light Drifter has exploded on to Kickstarter, smashing nearly all of its goals in a matter of days. But the last one is a stretch goal at $220k. If the project reaches that goal, the developer will bring the game to PS4 and PS Vita.

If you're one of the seemingly few people who hasn't already pledged to Hyper Light Drifter, and want more slick games on your Vita, now's your chance to bring another one on board.

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