You're a hardened soldier. Right now, though, you're in danger as an alien force has invaded your spaceship.

With your brethren's blood spilled and your trigger finger twitching, you head towards the bowels of your ship to face your fears.

Not a unique concept, perhaps, but Halfway is one of the slickest-looking turn-based tactical strategy titles we've seen all year.


As you fight your way through the daunting hallways of the spaceship, you'll encounter other survivors that will join you and help to advance the unfolding storyline.

At the heart of the game are the tactical gun fights. Each character has its own tactical abilities, so they will all have to attack, defend, move, use items, and reload to stay alive during battles.

As you progress, your group will develop new skills and acquire handy items in much the same fashion as you do in an RPG.

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The standout features of Halfway, though, are the vibrant pixel-art and atmospheric lighting. It's possible to get a feel for the game's intense and claustrophobic feel just from the screenshots.

Needless to say, we were thrilled to find out that Halfway will be heading to tablets later this year after its initial desktop release.