You know what you need? Another update for Silver Award-winning Angry Birds Space. Told you.

As we mentioned yesterday, Rovio is prepping all you space cadets out there for the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars II on September 19th by running a week-long promotion full of new levels and stuff.

Today, the Finnish firm is giving away 30 new levels in the Cosmic Crystals update to Angry Birds Space.

I hear you chuckling - "only 30 more levels? Pah, I'll have those three-starred in no time."

Well, there are plenty of new secrets to uncover, mysteries to solve, and unlocks to obtain here, too.

Crystal clear

For one thing, a new Eggsteroid is hidden away in the Cosmic Crystals episode... somewhere. There are three new Antenna Egg levels, too.

Lastly, you can unlock a new Sardine Can level by earning all 30 feathers using the Space Eagle.

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Up for the challenge? Of course you are. So, get out there and grab those four new iOS achievements, too.

Angry Birds Space is available for your iOS device for 69p / 99c [buy], and for Android-powered devices for free [download].

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