The big problem with Android gaming is fragmentation. Will your 1-year-old phone run the latest 'droid game, or are you gonna be left with a mess of pixels and polygons that just chugs and makes you sad?

11 bit studios thinks it has the solution. That solution is benchmarking. More specifically, the Anomaly 2 Benchmark app.

This free bit of kit runs a series of tests on your Android device to see if it's got the processing chops to handle 11 bit studios's upcoming graphically intense tower offence game.

The app then sends the data back to 11 bit studios (upon your approval), who can use it to tweak things in the engine to try and get it running a bit smoother.

Essentially, this benchmarking app is a crowdsourced testing facility that enables 11 bit studios to check how the game works on more Android handsets than would be feasible any other way.

"We have a set of devices for testing, but still we do not own too many. That's why we've decided to ask the community for help," 11 bit studios tech director Bartosz Brzostek says.

"We believe that the cooperation with the community may result in bringing a quality of graphics never before seen on Android and deliver the best possible experience of playing Anomaly 2."

You can download the Anomaly 2 Benchmark app from the Google Play Store right now for nothing at all [download].

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