As everyone knows, anger is the path to the dark side.

Apparently not for birds, though. Anger for birds is the path to lucrative merchandising deals and tie-ins with classic science fiction films.

Rovio has updated Angry Birds Star Wars with a big chunk of new levels as the Finnish firm starts the countdown to the release of Angry Birds Star Wars II. You know, the one about the rubbish prequel films.

The 30 new levels for Angry Birds Star Wars are set on the forest moon of Endor, and involve your smashing AT-STs to bits with fat-headed bird parodies of famous Star Wars characters.

There are drums scattered around these new levels. By hitting them, you can wake up some Ewoks. These Ewoks then jump around, possibly to the detriment of your Imperial foes.

There are also more Stormtroopers, some speeder bikes, and a climactic final battle in which you smash up a bunker to take down the Death Star's defences. The fully operational Death Star, that is.

This latest update to Angry Birds Star Wars marks the start of Rovio's week-long countdown to the launch of Angry Birds Star Wars II.

On September 15th, for example, we'll all be able to join the Pork Side with General Grievous. I can hardly wait.