Heroes of Loot isn't your average dungeon-crawler.

For one thing, the randomly generated subterranean caverns you explore here are often filled to the brim with monsters. For another, rather than hacking and slashing, you're spraying fantasy bullets at them.

Heroes of Loot is dressed as a roguelike, then, but underneath the clothing it's a fast-paced twin-stick shooter with as much in common with the deep space antics of Geometry Wars as with the 8-bit fantasy games to which OrangePixel is so obviously paying loving homage.

Beneath both of those genre shawls, though, a brilliantly addictive game hides. Heroes of Loot boasts both the immediacy of a shooter and the loot-grabbing, one-dungeon-farther thrust of the finest roguelikes.

Dungeons & Dungeons

You play as one of four fantasy archetypes out to rid a dungeon of monsters. They may have their own stats, strengths, and weaknesses, but all four play in the same way. You run around the dungeon, firing out weapons and killing everything that moves.

You control your hurried movements via the stick on the left. You control your aim via a stick on the right. It's a simple system and it works pretty well, although it is recommended you turn on your iOS device's Bluetooth and connect a controller at the start.

The Wizard has stronger spells but is squishier than the Warrior. The Warrior himself isn't as good from range as the Elf. The Valkyrie levels-up quicker but is weaker than the other characters.

The action in Heroes of Loot is fast paced and delicious. Each level has a locked door through which you're trying to get. The key is somewhere about the person of one of the foul creatures residing there. Kill everything, grab some treasure, move on to the next level.

In the shops dotted around the levels, single random items are sold. Sometimes, it's a shield. Sometimes, it's an XP boost. Sometimes, it's a cloak that grants you invisibility for a while. Other doors lead to quest givers, who challenge you to kill a set number of things in a strict time limit for a reward.

Fight and die

As you get better at the game, the difficulty is ramped up, with the going getting tough even in the earlier stages.

Runs through the game rarely last more than 20 minutes, but the breathless nature of the gameplay means you'll be engaged throughout.

Heroes of Loot is a brilliant mash-up of genres. OrangePixel has taken the best of two gaming worlds and mixed them together to create an intoxicating brew. Heroes of Loot is fun, funny, and it fits perfectly into your pocket.

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