Not many video games feature batteries as the central character.

That's probably because you can't do much as a battery. You can, however, do a lot with them. I mean, just how many puzzle games have batteries in them?

With Volt, Quantized Bit bucks this trend (if you can call it a trend) by inviting you to play as a battery on a mission to escape from a recycling factory.

Since you're a battery, electricity is a good pal of yours. And it's this friendly, ahem, connection that leads to your escape. You see, you can fire electric beams from either end of the battery to connect it to nearby walls. Yep, just like a hookshot.

By getting to grips with these two electric beams, you will be able to swing and suspend the battery over saws and spikes. You can also use the electric beams to activate switches to open up the way forward.

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Furthermore, you can shoot electric beams to stick to surfaces and to slice the surfaces open.

With these three abilities up its 'sleeve', the battery should be able to escape the factory. Saying that, the level design won't make your life easy.

We'll find out just how tricky your battery's life will become when Volt goes live on iPad and Android tablets in November.