At the end of last week, everyone here at Pocket Gamer's palatial office / pleasure dome hybrid got rather hot under the collar at the prospect of a new Rayman game for iOS.

We heard some rumours, you see, and those rumours were pointing to a sequel to the really quite wonderful Rayman Jungle Run. This sequel is reportedly entitled Rayman Fiesta Run.

Well, now those rumours have solidified into an actual, physical thing.

Rayman Fiesta Run is real, and it'll be sprinting onto iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices before the end of the year. You can check out a trailer for it below.

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Ubisoft looks set to build on the foundations of its Gold Award-winning predecessor in Rayman Fiesta Run, adding new tricks to Rayman's arsenal as he sprints along a series of 75 new, brightly coloured levels.

Rayman can now shrink, swim, and bounce around using limes. There are four fiesta-inspired worlds, and a new set of bosses for you to tackle.

We've got boots on the ground over at the Ubisoft event in Paris that's happening right now, so hopefully we should have some hands-on impressions of Rayman Fiesta Run up soon.


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