There's good news for 3DS-owning fans of farming and fighting - Rune Factory 4 will make its way to Europe thanks to Zen United.

Although there's no release date in the cards just yet, Zen's director Geraint Evans told to expect an official announcement of the Harvest Moon spinoff title 'in the very near future'.

We're still waiting on the US release, incidentally, which was supposed to arrive over the summer but was pushed back to a vague 'later this year' window back in August.

Farm life

Like earlier Rune Factory games, Rune Factory 4 divides its time between a relaxed farming simulator and an action-RPG section full of dungeon crawling and bossfights.

Publisher Xseed Games, who's handling the US localisation, released a pair of videos that show off the farming and combat of Rune Factory 4 in action, and it all looks pretty exciting - or, y'know, as exciting as videos about farming can look.

In a step away from previous games, Rune Factory 4 lets you select the gender of your main character and allows you to start a family with a local NPC. This new family dynamic adds more depth to both the farming and fighting aspects of the game as players learn how to best juggle a family, a broadsword, and a career.

We'll keep you updated with US and European release dates for Rune Factory 4 as soon as they become available.

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