Heroki is a gorgeous-looking platform-puzzler being developed by Picomy and published by Sega.

Furthermore, Heroki features a boy with a helicopter for a haircut. Aren't video game companies wacky?

The game itself is heading to the App Store. And as you can see from the screenshot below and those in the gallery at the top of the page, it's looking pretty impressive.

You play as Heroki, a boy who can utilise the power of the wind to soar around cartoon vistas. It's up to you to stop the dastardly Dr N. Forchin, who's stolen an amulet that protects your village.

There are power-ups to grab, objects to throw, and enemies to thwart as you make your way through four different worlds, including a village in the sky and a tropical island.

As well as bobbing through the sky on air currents, you'll get to dash around on the ground. Plus, there are loads of secret islands and special mini-games for you to discover.

We'll let you know when we've got a firm release date and a price for Heroki. Until then, though, just look at those lovely blue skies and think of better days.

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