Grab your sword and shield; kiss your Valkyrie goodbye; drop the Minions off at combat school; then head out for a day's hard raiding.

The life of the average Clasher is pretty full-on, and you only need to turn your back on your village for a second for some pesky raider to storm in and steal your precious resources.

If that sounds like a routine that's all too familiar, Chief, then you could do with The Pocket Gamer Guide to Clash of Clans, which, following a soft launch, is now ready for general consumption.

And hug your nearest P.E.K.K.A. in celebration, because this guide is both free and our biggest, most comprehensive creation yet.

We've crammed pretty much everything in to help you become master Clashers - from the very basics to get newcomers off to a successful start, to the key information and tactics seasoned Clashers can refer to in order to improve their strategic skills.

Break it down

Each section is packed with tactical help and backed with the key data that matters (Hit Points, Upgrade Cost/Time, Town Hall level requirements, Damage stats, Range, Research options, and more), together with complete breakdowns of Resources (Collectors, Storage, Builders), Army Buildings, Defenses (including both defensive and offensive aspects), Troops, Heroes, and Spells.

There are also Defense, Offense, Currency, and Clan Best Practice tips, followed by a candid interview with the Clash of Clans team (including exclusive expert tips). Plus, there's more stuff on the way in our regular updates.

In short: if you're into Clash of Clans, you and this guide need to meet.

Speaking of friendships, if you've missed our previous Pocket Gamer Guides, know that we've also got guides available for Badland, Galaxy on Fire 2, Star Command, Bubble Witch Saga, Doodle Jump, Ridiculous Fishing, and Tiny Troopers 2 - with more joining the clan all the time.

The Pocket Gamer Guide to Clash of Clans is available now for iPad. Time to raid the App Store, Chief.