How's about this for fortuitous timing from EA and Firemonkeys?

On the same day that rival racer 2K Drive parked on the App Store, free-to-play driving game Real Racing 3 has been updated with a fleet of new cars and extra content.

The game's garage now features seven new Porsche cars - that's seven generations of the Porsche 911, specifically. Some cost cash, other cost gold, and all need to be unlocked in the game (unless you're willing to spend gold).

And there's also a new series, where you can compete in the "50 Years of 911 Series". You'll need 15 trophies to unlock it.

Real Racing 3

Finally, there's a new VIP service, where you can pay a one-off in-app purchase to mark a car as VIP and get instant deliveries for all upgrades to that vehicle.

The update's out now on iOS and Android.

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