Robbery Bob begins with our eponymous hero being sprung from the slammer. Unfortunately, his freedom doesn't last long.

That's because Bob's saviour is as unsavoury as they come, and in order to repay this mysterious liberator you'll have to pilfer a plethora of valuables from unwitting locals.

Early capers are charmingly small-fry. You'll evade an octogenarian in order to nab some dentures, and observe a housewife's patrol route so as to pinch her skillet.

Beset on all sides

Your criminal career only escalates from there, and each of the game's top-down missions tasks you with sneaking into someone's home, office, or secret underground lab.

Once you're in, you just need to pilfer the relevant loot while evading the do-gooders that stand between you and a clean getaway. The act of stealing itself is simple for an old pro like Bob - so much so that he’ll automatically hoover up any valuables that come within arm’s reach.

Shiny gold stars are then doled out for the speed, secrecy and thoroughness of your thieving, with full marks reserved for only the most capable of criminals.

Risk and reward

The adversarial AI is simple but predictable, which ensures that failure rarely feels unfair and systems can be satisfyingly exploited.

Stomp around at speed, for instance, and nearby security will move in to investigate. However, noisy office equipment can also be used to lure guards away from their posts.

That's about as complex as Robbery Bob's stealth action gets, and pear-shaped heists are usually the product of trial-and-error gone bad or the game's imprecise virtual joystick controls. But despite rough edges and clumsy controls, Robbery Bob delivers simple criminal thrills.