So, you've read our guide to surviving your first night in Terraria for iOS and now you're thinking, 'Well, that's all well and good, Pocket Gamer, but what if I followed your advice and bought Junk Jack X instead?'

Well, stop thinking that and start reading this. That's because this feature is exactly what you're looking for.

Yep, it's a handy guide to making sure you don't get murdered by spiders during your first evening on one of Junk Jack X's randomly generated worlds.

First piece of advice: we'd definitely suggest using the simplified crafting system to begin with. It'll save you time and some painful head scratching. And while you're cowering from zombies in a cold dank hovel, it'll give you some semblance of control.

Hack stuff up

You're going to need materials. You're going to need food. You're going to need somewhere to hide. These are the things you need to think about on your first trip into Junk Jack X. As soon as you're dropped into the game, start smashing things that are near you.

Wood and stone should be first on your list. Not only can you use them to build houses, you can also combine them to make torches. Torches are important if you want to cower in the light instead of cowering in the dark.

If you fancy some 'official' instructions at this point, you should probably read the in-game tutorials. Here, you are given an overview of the mechanics in the game. Check what recipes you've got, and see what you need to make torches, some armour, and a weapon.

When you've collected a big bunch of stuff and things, you can then decide on the sort of house in which you want to live.

Cave or not cave?

Personally, I'm a bit of a cave dweller. Especially during the first few days of a sandbox game, it's often not worth your while building something permanent. That's mainly because you're rubbish at building and you haven't had a chance to find all the cool stuff yet.

So, I like to dig holes in the ground. You can make a small cave, a big cave, whatever sort of cave you like really. The great thing about cave dwelling is this: when you decide you want to live in something with walls that aren't made out of dirt, you can smash the ground above you.

Essentially, it's a foundation for greatness. I'd live in a cave in real life if I could.

You need to make sure your cave is secure and well lit. Rather than bothering with a door, block the entrances with blocks. You can smash them in the morning and collect the blocks to use them again.

When you return to your cave the next evening, always check that no monsters have sneaked in. And remember to replace your block when you go out adventuring.

Sleep tight

You can't actually sleep until you've got a bed, so you may as well spend your nights making stuff. There's quite a lot you can make with your bare hands, but it's still worth crafting a workbench in your cavernous abode.

Find out what you're going to need to build one in your crafting menu, and make sure you collect more than enough to put it up before your first night. Stick it somewhere sensible in your cavern and get cracking.

Making some armour and a sword is a good idea, too. There might be hidden creepy-crawlies in your cave that attack you when the sun goes down. Make sure you leave the second layer of blocks intact, too, otherwise the creepy-crawlies will find a way in.

You attack creatures by tapping on them. If they're in the dark, however, you won't be able to. Make sure your cavern is well lit with torches attached to the walls. That way, you should make it through your first night alive.

Hints and tips

Always make sure you've got a light source in your quick-access bar on the right of the screen. Should you get caught out with the sun going down, you're going to need to light your way home.

Don't be afraid to dig a hole in the ground, cover it up, and hide out for the night down there. It's especially useful if you're a long way from home and don't think you're going to make it back alive.

Don't dig too deep to start off with. There are treasures down there, but you're likely to die pretty quickly if you head into the depths unprepared.

Chop down trees whenever you see them. Wood is a great resource to begin with. While you'll need stone and other materials eventually, the first few hours of the game are all about using dead trees to your advantage.

And if your weapons run out, make new ones. Killing spiders, zombies, skeletons, and oozy things as quickly as you can is your best bet for survival. Furthermore, they drop some interesting crafting elements. Running away is fine; smashing stuff up is way better.

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