We had plenty of praise for Time Surfer when it endlessly ran into our hearts back in January.

In fact, we might have called it 'a brief and wonderful slice of fast-paced, brightly coloured fun' before hanging a shiny Pocket Gamer Silver award around its neck.

Now, there are two new reasons to like Time Surfer: it's free and it just got a huge content update.

Time to thrill

The 1.3 update introduces a new game mode, the Kepler Run, which has you sling your way through a galaxy of black holes as the ground beneath your surfboard slowly disappears.

Another new feature is the introduction of passive costume perks, which add bonuses like improvements to speed or time regeneration to the collection of existing costumes. And speaking of costumes, the new update also has three new looks for you to collect: the Neon Surfer, Pirate Surfer, and 'Snailien'.

Finally, there are some tweaks to the UI, miscellaneous bug fixes, and the introduction of a new combo system for pets and costumes. It's all pretty awesome if you have Time Surfer already, and if you don't - well, it's free... so make with the downloading.

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