Firemonkeys has added some classic American muscle cars to its Gold Award-winning free-to-play iOS and Android racing sim Real Racing 3.

As well as adding the new Dodge and Shelby vehicles in this latest update, Firemonkeys has introduced a new racing series in which you compete to see which muscle car is the most, err, muscular.

Firemonkeys has made some tweaks under the Real Racing 3 hood, too, including tuning up the difficulty to make it quicker to respond to your skills (or lack thereof); more realistic pitch and body roll on the cars; and some improvements to the camera angles.

Oh, and there are some new social networking options for the clever Time Shifted Multiplayer. If that's the sort of thing that floats your jargon boat.

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The new update to Real Racing 3 is live on the Google Play Store and the App Store right now.

If being able to drive some cars made in Detroit is enough to make you want to download Real Racing 3, you can grab it for nothing for Android [download] and for iOS [download].

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