During EA's Gamescom keynote, executive vice president of EA Sports Andrew Wilson revealed that FIFA 14 will be a free-to-play experience on mobile devices.

This news doesn't exactly come as a massive shock given the recent transformation of the Plants vs Zombies, Tetris, and Real Racing franchises into F2P experiences.

Still, it'll be interesting to see quite how EA plans to monetise its premier football series on iOS and Android. Wait timers between matches? Unlockable galácticos? IAPs for new stadia?

Let's just hope the Madden maker doesn't look towards Real Football 2013 on this score.

Do you remember the 27th night of September?

Wilson also took the chance to eulogise over FIFA 14's all-new touch controls. We went hands-on with FIFA 14 and had a look at the new controls ourselves earlier in the year.

EA still hasn't issued a concrete release date for FIFA 14 on iOS and Android, by the way. We'll assume it'll drop around the same time as its home console counterparts, though.

So, September 27th, footy fans. Only a month to go...

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