Jed Henry has become well known in the 'biz' for his Ukiyo-e Heroes series of traditional Japanese woodblock prints of famous characters from games.

Recently, however, he's decided to put those artistic skills to use in another medium. Yep, the world of video games.

Jed Henry's Edo Superstar is a 2D fighter for iOS and Andorid with a unique woodblock print art style and a full cast of martial arts animals.

The main character is a monkey called Masaru, who ventures across medieval Japan in search of notorious fighters in the hope that he'll beat them and rise to fame.

Edo Superstar has been designed with multi-touch devices in mind, so the controls reflect that. There aren't any virtual buttons here, thank you.

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By swiping on the screen, you perform kicks, punches, and dodges.

By double-tapping on enemies, meanwhile, you cause Masaru to grab. From there, different swipes trigger different tosses, throws, and dropkicks.

Currently, Jed Henry is seeking funding for Edo Superstar on Kickstarter. For £6 / $10, then, you can 'pre-order' the game. All things being equal, you'll receive a copy of it for iOS or Android in autumn 2014.