Just imagine how much more exciting (albeit dangerous) life would be if you were to turn your own neighbourhood into an HQ for an army under your command.

That's the appeal of location-based RTS Friendly Fire!

Okay, so you're not going to be able to drop concrete bunkers onto your house or send tanks rolling down the street, but the game can find your exact location and from there you can build a virtual army.

It's your job as commander to outfit your base with tanks, scouts, artillery, and aircraft, so that you can launch a bold attack on the world. Earning power-ups to boost attack damage always helps, too.

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Friendly Fire! comes with location-based leaderboards so you can become the supreme ruler of your local area. And if you feel like upping then ante you can go on to become global leader.

Now available on the Google Play Store, Friendly Fire! is free to download.