Ravenous Games's League of Evil series contains some of the most consistently challenging and entertaining platforming action on the App Store.

These are games perfectly suited to mobile devices. The bite-sized levels and simple twitchy controls make this trilogy of platformers ideal for bathroom 'breaks'.

Right now, you can grab all three League of Evil games for less than £3. That's a bargain in anyone's book.

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Here at Pocket Gamer's evil scientific research base, we can't get enough of this tough-as-nails series. For example, we gave the first game, League of Evil, a Bronze Award.

We then handed Silver Awards to both League of Evil 2 and the recently released League of Evil 3. The smoother edges and more precise platforming of the later instalments made all the difference.

If you haven't played any of these three games yet, do so now. You can grab the games now for just 69p / 99c apiece.

And because of all the nice things you've said about us down the years, we've included download links for all three titles down below.

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