Rarely, if ever, are we witness to a game with the visual finesse of Micro Macro Games's Morphopolis. The sort of artwork you find in this hidden object game is normally confined to art galleries.

In Morphopolis, Micro Macro Games seems to depict an alien world through line drawing and ink wash techniques. It's actually, however, a highly detailed and stylized recreation of the microscopic magic seen in nature.

By pushing aside large leaves, discovering seeds, and luring bugs with your touch, you help a tiny aphid grub embark on a treacherous journey to recover its companion.

Morphopolis is as much a fantastical adventure as it is a puzzle game. No surprises, then, to discover that it was inspired by Machinarium.

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You can currently pre-order Morphopolis for £6.45 / $9.99 and receive the game on Android, Windows, Mac, and Linux when it surfaces in Q4 2013.

Alternatively, you can get instant alpha access across the same platforms by spending £12.90 / $19.99.

Morphopolis will be available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Kindle Fire, and Windows Phone 8.

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