Mikey Hooks is a game all about precision. The fast-blast platforming 'hides' an intricate and addictive time-chasing centre that arcade fans are going to lap up.

At review, we said that "if you're looking for a brilliantly designed game that rewards patience and practice, you're definitely looking in the right place", and promptly gave Mikey Hooks a Silver Award.

We got a chance to chat with BeaverTap Games creative director Mike Meade to find out how difficult it was building on the foundations of Mikey Shorts. Oh, and what new players can expect from the now hooked-up Mikey.

Pocket Gamer: First up, could you give us a quick overview of the Mikey Hooks gameplay?

Mike Meade: Mikey Hooks is a platformer where you run, jump, slide, and hook through levels while trying to avoid enemies and spikes. You can also find hidden Golden Shorts or collect coins to get fun disguises.

What were the main differences between developing Mikey Hooks and Mikey Shorts?

Mikey Shorts took a lot more time because we were building from scratch. We needed to find our style and tweak all sorts of game physics and controls to make it feel comfortable for players.

With Mikey Hooks, we were able to expand on the original by adding more challenging elements and a grappling hook.

What were your influences while you were making the game?

Hook Champ by RocketCat Games is one of our favorite games. Mike Gaughen (the programmer) and I met on a Hook Champ forum thread battling for high scores.

We're huge fans of any game with levels designed for leaderboard competition. Some of our other favorites are Super QuickHook, Mos Speedrun, and the League of Evil series.

What was the biggest difficulty you encountered while making Mikey Hooks?

We spent a lot of time making sure that the hooking felt good. The grappling hook needed to fit in with the rest of the game and not become awkward for the player to control.

Finally, what's your best tip for someone who's picking up Mikey Hooks for the first time right now?

Keep moving. You should be constantly moving to the right whenever possible. Practice makes perfect. Good luck!