Since the year dot (a.k.a. 1992), every known man who has ever gone near a Championship Manager game has referred to it as 'Champ Man'.

It's a reflection on our society. Just deal with it.

Anyway. Square Enix has decided to resist the urge no longer and has re-branded its long-running footy management franchise Champ Man.

This new free-to-play iOS soccer stats-fest features full team rosters for the last foot-to-ball season. Fear not, though: once the real-world transfer window closes at the start of next month, Squeenix will update the squads for nowt.

There are 21 playable leagues in 11 different countries in Champ Man. So, if you fancy leading a team to the top of the table in Saudi Arabia or seeing if you can win the Turkish league, you're in luck.

Or you could just try and win the English Premier League with a team from Manchester. Up to you.

All the while, your performance will be rated and compared with other Champ Man players. The net result is that you'll be ranked in a meta-league table.

Square Enix has promised regular updates to Champ Man throughout the upcoming season, so you can be sure the player movements in your imaginary career are always consistent with the comings-and-goings in the real football world.

If you fancy leading a team to glory, you can grab Champ Man as a Universal app from the App Store right now for free [download].