Gavina Games's ace little puzzler Puzzle Restorer has gone through a few changes lately. Gone is the quiet, retiring Puzzle Restorer and in its place is the snappy go-getter MiniPics.

The game itself is identical. Which, in case you missed our Silver Award-granting review back in February, is very good news indeed.

The idea in this simple-but-maddening logic puzzler is to restore a bunch of simple paintings to their former glory by filling in the gaps. This effectively entails drawing a single line in between two point, covering all of the gaps in one intricate sweep.

Tortured artist

What starts out as a soothing, zen-like experience soon ramps up as special blocks and colour-mixing elements are introduced.

It's all set off by a lovely art that offers pixel-art versions of famous paintings.

All in all, it's a bit of a gem. Hopefully it'll be even more appealing now that it no longer has a name that sounds like a dinner-time TV show presented by Kevin McCloud.

Oh, and MiniPics also has a shiny new logo too. Mmm, pixellated cherries. How very seasonal.

The artist formerly known as Puzzler Restorer is available now for iPhone and iPad, in it won't cost you a penny.

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