The follow-up to Action Button Entertainment's ZiGGURAT was deemed too volatile and exciting for studio lead Tim Rogers to even dare whisper its name in public.

Until now, that is.

The highly explosive game in question is actually a tile-clearing puzzle game by the name of Ten by Eight. Oh.

The central concept of Ten by Eight is a simple one, and is borne out of a love for puzzle games, creating super-long chain reactions, and navigating mazes.

Path to glory

At the start, you're presented with a full screen of colorful tiles, each adorned with a geometric symbol. So, yep, triangles, circles, and crosses.

Your goal is to swap tiles into matching groups, draw paths with them to score huge chains, and use stars to chain together groups of different colours.

These stars are described as "wildcards" and act as multipliers. Ergo, they are essential for upping that score.

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Ten by Eight boasts three different gameplay modes.

Zen Mode is for chilling out and gaining a basic understanding of how everything works. In Timed Mode, you are given three minutes to see how many points you can accrue. Endless Mode, meanwhile, is pretty self-explanatory.

A bunch of cartoon friends are on hand, by the way, to enliven matters. There's a green octopus, for example, and a cat in a fishbowl helmet. One of them is apparently the star of Action Button's next game. How exciting.

Ten by Eight is available right now for $2.99 in the US on PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Vita.