Right now in Dallas, QuakeCon 2013 is happening. No, really.

This celebration of all things id Software can mean only one thing for iOS gamers. Yep, it's time for id's annual App Store sale.

id Software has decided to slash the prices of all five of its App Store games to just 69p / 99c to celebrate the start of its yearly gaming event.

The id Software games on sale are, in no particular order, Rage HD, Doom II RPG, Wolfenstein 3D Classic, Doom Resurrection, and Doom Classic.

Lots of grunty single-name games full of grunty men shooting grunty guns at grunty monsters, then.

Old soldiers

Sure, they're all about four years old, but they all picked up Bronze Awards from us. Well, except Wolfenstein 3D Classic. That game earned a Silver Award. Lucky devil.

If you want to play some classic iOS games this weekend and don't have much credit on your iTunes account, you could do a lot worse than pick this little lot up.

And because you're always so nice to us, we've put them in a single list below. With download links. You're welcome.

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