It feels like I've been saying this every week for the past month now, but this week on the Nintendo 3DS eShop is utterly, utterly abysmal.

I could write a list of what I've had to eat this week, and it would probably be more interesting than the list of releases I'm about to divulge.

But hey, this is my cross, and I've got to bear it. Perhaps if we wait this drought out, something great will be on the horizon. We can all but hope.

Let's whizz through this, and it'll all be over before we know it.

European eShop releases

10-in-1: Arcade Collection is a collection of classic arcade games that have been given a slight modern makeover. We're talking Breakout, Space Invaders, Asteroids, all that jazz.

In all fairness, it looks pretty slick. If you're interested, the price tag is a mere £1.79.

And that is literally it for new releases in the European store. One measly collection of old arcade games. Yikes.

OK, so there's several games on sale that you might want to grab. Nano Assault EX is just £8.74 this week, while Fun! Fun! Minigolf Touch! is £3.14.

Art of Balance Touch! is the one you really want to grab - that's just £4.40 this week - while there's also 3D Game Collection for £8.39, Gardenscapes for £10.49, and Murder on the Titanic for £10.49.

The Additional Lesson Packs for New Art Academy are £0.89 each this week too, which is nice, but you know... not a new game.

US eShop releases

Maybe the US store is better! Well... not really.

There's definitely more than one new title out this week, at least. Disney Planes is a movie game tie-in, and it looks very aerial, would you believe.

Bike Rider DX looks potentially more interesting. It's a nifty-looking side-scrolling jump 'n' ride game. $5.99 if you're interested.

Family Kart 3D is essentially Mario Kart, but probably not as good. And by "probably", I mean "definitely." It costs $4.99.

And My Farm 3D is a casual farming game that will set you back $7.99 if you're at all interested.

And Kirby's Dream Land 2 is on the Virtual Console. It was originally released for Game Boy 18 years ago. That costs $3.99.

That's all, folks.