The good news is that DotEmu has just released its first game for Ouya.

The better news is that DotEmu has actually just released four games in one for Ouya.

You see, DotEmu has just launched its Gold Award-winning compilation Raiden Legacy, a collection of four brilliant top-down arcade shooters, on Ouya Inc.'s new Android-powered micro-console.

"For those who savour a challenge - and recall the days when the arcade was the premier venue to get your gaming kicks - this is a must-buy," is what we said about Raiden Legacy at review last December.

But this Ouya version of Raiden Legacy isn't just a lazy port of the Android and iOS editions, boy.

Nope, DotEmu has polished and preened all four of the Raiden games in this package so that they look super-stylish on your whopping great HD TV.

Furthermore, you can choose from two different screen modes in this Ouya edition, meaning you can experience the game in Original or Fullscreen mode.

Throw in a bunch of different modes, two difficulty settings, and the fact you can play the games with a physical controller, and you're left with a shmup package that's fit to bursting with awesome spacey neon goodness.

Raiden Legacy is available for Ouya right now. And if you like the chunk of the game that's available for free, you can buy the whole package for $3.99 (approx. £2.50).


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