Great news, one and all: 2K Games decided to put some of its iOS apps on sale overnight, including the Gold Award-winning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

Following in the wake of Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick claiming that the success of the iOS version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown proves that iOS gamers ARE willing to pay a premium price for premium content, 2K has dropped its strategy game's RRP from £13.99 / $19.99 to £10.49 / $14.99.

That's still in what many would consider the premium price range. For the sheer amount of content you're getting, though, it still represents a really, really, (and I can't stress this enough) really good deal.

At review, we called XCOM: Enemy Unknown "a smart and sophisticated mix of scrappy on-the-ground skirmishes and monster-scale world diplomacy".

Why wouldn't you want that?

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2K has also slashed the prices of three of its other iOS games to just 69p / 99c. And two of them are worth it.

You can now bag the Gold Award-winning Sid Meier's Pirates! and the less impressive but still quite fun Civilization Revolution at this knockdown price.

Last and most certainly least, Borderlands Legends is also now going cheap. But it's a bit rubbish. So, unless you really like shonky shooters, you should probably give that one a miss.

Because you're definitely our favourite, we've put all of the 2K Games on sale in a handy list with some download links. We don't half spoil you.

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