Joining the already-impressive roster of Pocket Gamer Guides, which includes guides to Galaxy of Fire 2 and Bubble Witch Saga, is The Official Companion Guide to Doodle Jump.

This newest addition to the PG Guides family is available on the App Store right now, priced just 99p / 99c. You lucky Doodle Jumper, you.

This Doodle Jump guide - produced in collaboration with Doodle Jump creator Lima Sky - is so much more than just a simple strategy companion app, though.

Sure, you can get tips and advice from the world's best Doodle Jumper in the world here.

But, then, you can ALSO find a lovingly crafted interactive history of the game, video interviews with the developer, mission logs, sneak peeks at future updates, and more within these digital pages.

What's that?

You do want to become an all-knowing, all-jumping doodle deity?

In that case, you'd best hop on over to the App Store right now and download The Official Companion Guide to Doodle Jump for iPad [buy].